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Why High-Yield Social-Emotional Learning Programs Are Essential to the Safety and Security of Districts

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of students, it's imperative that schools tie in social-emotional learning programs. These programs help students better understand how to manage their emotions, consider the feelings of others, and learn important social skills. They also help alert educators to any students who may be struggling with depression, bullying, unhealthy relationships, or other issues. 

View the recording as Dr. Joe Erardi, a recently retired superintendent from Newtown, CT, shares lessons learned from the December 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This interactive session will include best proactive practices, the importance of high-level partnerships pertaining to safety, and the critical need to have K-12 social-emotional learning programming understood by all within the district. Viewers will gain a sound understanding of proactive initiatives to maximize school safety. In addition, all will better understand strategies regarding complex students. 

Dr. Erardi was named outstanding school superintendent in CT in 2017, and was recognized by both the University of Hartford and Central CT State University as the 2016 School Administrator of the Year. Presently, Dr. Erardi coordinates the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) safety website, as he served as an executive board member of AASA for three years. 

Meet Bill McCullough
VP Sales, Gaggle

Bill McCullough's passion for student safety is matched by his extensive knowledge of the edTech industry. He is a perfect partner for your district as you consider the best options to keep your students safe in their digital environments. As your district begins to implement a safety management system, you can count on Bill to provide you with superior support and assistance for your schools' unique needs.

Meet Dr. Joe Erardi
Retired Superintendent, Newtown, CT

Joe Erardi speaks powerfully and profoundly on the importance of safety in schools. After the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, Joe stepped forward to help rebuild a state of security at Newtown Public Schools. Years later, he continues his work as an advocate for school safety, and teaches districts around the nation the steps needed to avoid a tragedy at their own schools.

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Meet Thomas J. Gentzel
Executive Director and CEO, NSBA

Tom Gentzel is an unabashed advocate for public education and the community leadership essential to its success. He has worked on behalf of, and advocated for, school boards and effective local governance for more than 35 years. Mr. Gentzel is the primary spokesperson for NSBA, represents its interests in various forums, and is a frequent presenter at conferences and events across the country.