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Learn about eligibility of Title IV funding for your district's safety programs in this educational webinar previously recorded on March 12, 2019.

Students are increasingly using technology for more aspects of their lives. Technology can transform learning and create incredible opportunities, but without strong accountability, it can open up pathways for students to disrupt safe learning environments.

So, how can districts incorporate technology while keeping student safety and their budget in mind? 

Watch the recording with Dr. Kecia Ray and Susan Gentz to learn where you can find funds, including Title IV funding, for technologies that ensure the safety of students. Show your students and community that the mental well-being of those you serve is a top priority.


Securing Title IV 
Federal Funds 
to Safeguard 

Bill McCullough, VP Sales, Gaggle

Meet Bill McCullough
VP Sales, Gaggle

Bill's passion for student safety makes him the perfect presenter for today's topic! Your district can count on Bill to provide your students with the most comprehensive safety tools for their digital environments and provide your schools with the individualized support they may need.

Meet the Presenters

Meet Dr. Kecia Ray
Instructor, Johns Hopkins University; 
Principal, K20 Connect

As a district administrator for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Dr. Ray led the award-winning design, implementation, and evaluation of their instructional technology programs. During her outstanding career, she has been awarded many accolades, most recently as a Top 100 EdTech Influencer by EdTech Digest.

Meet Susan Gentz
Founder, BSG Strategies, LLC

Susan is the founder and owner of BSG Strategies, LLC, a consulting business focused specifically on education leadership and technology through practice and policy. Passionate about educational policy, Susan has experience at both the federal and state levels.

Dr. Kecia Ray, Instructor, John Hopkins University; Principal, K20 Connect
Susan Gentz, Founder, BSG Strategies, LLC